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Pivot creation via front-end: Need a package for Pivot creation via front-end

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Pivot creation via front-end


Picture of Prabhakar Mishra by Prabhakar Mishra - 11 months ago (2022-12-27)

Need a package for Pivot creation via front-end

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Hi guys,

I need suggestions for selecting the package for on-screen pivot shuffle for the MySQL database.


Ask clarification

1 Recommendation

Data Pivot: Query MySQL a database to display a data pivot

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Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos Reputation 23625 - 11 months ago (2022-12-28) Comment

This package can do part of what you want. It can create a pivot and return an array. If you make the front-end Web interface, you can see the pivot by rendering the pivot array a Web page.

Can you try this package and let us know if this works well for you?

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