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Recommendation for a PHP class to send bulk sms: I want PHP source code to send SMS messages to many users

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Recommendation for a PHP class to send bulk sms


Picture of dell files by dell files - 1 year ago (2022-11-30)

I want PHP source code to send SMS messages to many users

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I want to extract the number list singly from a CSV file.

Then I need an SMS PHP script using procedural code to send the messages to the numbers retrieved from the CSV file.

The script must wait for a time interval between each message it sends.

I need this to work with a simple HTML page for testing.

Ask clarification

1 Recommendation

SmartSMS PHP Send SMS Message: Deliver SMS messages using the SmartSMS API

This recommendation solves the problem.
This recommendation does not solve the problem.


Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos Reputation 23625 - 1 year ago (2022-11-30) Comment

This package can send SMS messages to any number using SmartSMS API.

Look at the README file in the package for some example code.

To get the phone numbers from a CSV file, you can use the PHP functions fopen and fgetcsv. There are ready-to-use packages to do that. If you need a recommendation for a package to read from a CSV file, go here to request another recommended package:

You can use the PHP function called sleep to wait for a given time interval between message deliveries.

Can you reply here to tell me if you need more help?

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