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Works great, but weak.

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Subject:Works great, but weak.
Summary:Modified Images lose the message immediately
Date:2017-01-05 13:14:31


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Picture of Joe Joe - 2017-01-05 13:14:31
Your script works flawlessly. Unfortunately, it is not resistant to resizing of the images, cutting, filtering etc. As soon as the image is modified in any way, the secret message is destroyed. It would be nice to be able to identify a spot within the image which always remains constant.

Take the search machine TinEye for example, they are able to recognize an image even if it was modified a thousand times. This means some characteristics must exist that never vary. In those should secret messages be hidden.

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Picture of Sergii Pryz Sergii Pryz - 2017-01-05 21:25:59 - In reply to message 1 from Joe
Hi Joe,
Thank you very much for your interest in SteganographyKit.

It's true that LSB has limitation to image distortion.
Therefore it can not be used as a image protection.

But there are publications to preserve hidden text (image in this case). I'm going to implement them in SteganographyKit2 (

Addition thanks for invariant spot idea. It's definitely worth to try.

Moreover I've recently created new minor version of SteganographyKit with PSR-4, Docker, more testing etc.