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Problem with Font Sizing

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Subject:Problem with Font Sizing
Summary:Help in manipulating font size
Author:Lam Zhao Yang
Date:2008-12-29 09:12:41
Update:2008-12-30 09:50:08

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Picture of Lam Zhao Yang Lam Zhao Yang - 2008-12-29 09:12:41

is there any ways to manipulate the font size of the X & Y axes as well as the legend? I've got problems where>

1. Using a column chart with fixed height and width, the Y axis column labels overlap, rendering them unreadable.

2. Using a bar chart with variable height, the X axis column size increases with the number of bars displayed. Displaying 30 bars, the legend has grown really huge.


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Picture of Tom Schaefer Tom Schaefer - 2008-12-30 09:50:08 - In reply to message 1 from Lam Zhao Yang
I have played with the features a while ago. Google uses vrml or svg in an iframe container to render the diagrams. I tried to manipulate e.g. the dom of an svg in the iframe, where the text labels are shown. I did not found a way to change the font size. Even not writing it in straight javascript. The svg is dynamically loading. I solved this problem unsufficiently by changing the scale of a chart. Maybe you have an idea how to address an iframed and dynamically loaded svg.
Regards Tom