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This package is truly amazing.

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Subject:This package is truly amazing.
Summary:Package rating comment
Author:Jorge Garifuna
Date:2008-07-18 02:30:49

Jorge Garifuna rated this package as follows:

Utility: Good
Consistency: Good
Examples: Good

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Picture of Jorge Garifuna Jorge Garifuna - 2008-07-18 02:30:49
This package is truly amazing. Although I had heard of Google visualization API before, I had never considered it, until I came across QGoogleVisualizationAPI php edition by Tom.

The first release was missing the org chart. I kindly submitted my sincere feedback to Tom and what amazed me the most, was his prompt response in adding the org chart to the package.

I tested the org chart on my local system and it worked like magic. I would like to commend Tom for such a great job on this one.