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Decrypt data encrypted with Perl

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Subject:Decrypt data encrypted with Perl
Summary:I can't decrypt data encrypted with Perl module Crypt::Rijndael
Author:Roman Gelembjuk
Date:2008-12-08 13:25:24
Update:2008-12-10 06:10:50

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Picture of Roman Gelembjuk Roman Gelembjuk - 2008-12-08 13:25:24
I want to make php script that decrypts data encrypted with perl script with module Crypt::Rijndael.
I am not successed to do it with php class AES Cipher.
Can someone help me?

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Picture of Ankur Motreja Ankur Motreja - 2008-12-10 06:10:50 - In reply to message 1 from Roman Gelembjuk
I was trying to write a class wrapper around AES Cipher so that if mcrypt is available, it will encrypt/decrypt using that.
Otherwise, it will use AES Cipher class.

However, the encrypted/decrypted strings just don't match.
That is, if I encrypt using mcrypt, I am not able to decrypt with AES Cipher, nor can I decrypt strings I have encrypted with AES Cipher using mcrypt.
This is after modifying the generateKey to return $password as it is.

Since Roman Gelembjuk is also unable to get it working with Perl's Crypt::Rijndael module, I'm wondering if its a compatibility issue ?
Or maybe we are using the class incorrectly ?
Any help would be appreciated.