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Documentation: worthy of comment

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Subject:Documentation: worthy of comment
Summary:worthy of comment
Author:rob webster
Date:2013-02-23 17:15:35

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Picture of rob webster rob webster - 2013-02-23 17:15:35
First a disclaimer: I've not yet tried implementing the code;

I'd been investigating steganography as a way of applying a hidden watermark to images on the web so if they are stolen I can provide evidence identifying the original creator. I came across Stegger.
I have sometimes used scripts from PHPclasses before and it's usually a struggle to understand how to implement and use. Documentation ranges from none to rudimentary. What a delight to find not only a useful readme file but also heavily commented code.

And what an unusual experience it is to be able to make this slight gripe: maybe the code is over-documented.
For example:
// Turn verbose output off
$this->Verbose = FALSE;

I would say that $this->Verbose = FALSE; is pretty well self-documenting code and doesn't need an additional comment to say the same.