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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/markdown
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Redbox PHP CLI Arguments
Extract command line parameter values
Author: By
Last change: Ready for release.
Ready for release.
Made the tests compatible with phpcs.
Added phpcs support.
Moved from to
Added new tests
Date: 2 years ago
Size: 2,903 bytes


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1.4 2021-09-05

  • Added github workflows.
  • Added support for phpcs
  • Added unit tests.
  • Minimum php version is how 7.3
  • Added the has() function for arguments.
  • Added code coverage
  • Made the code more modern
  • moved the ci from to

1.3 2021-14-03

  • Added has() to the manager to indicate if an argument has been passed trough cli. Fixing #26
  • Added getDefaultValue () to the manager to indicate if an argument has been passed trough cli. Fixing #18

1.2.1 2018-30-10

  • Fixed a bug where in php 7+ the word Object was reserved. Fixing #24
  • Bumped PHPUnit to version 7. Fixing #25
  • Updated the README, informing about the php versions supported.
  • Updated the phpunit.xml file.

1.2 2015-23-12

  • Fixed a typo in examples/basic.php
  • Added a logo to
  • Updated the markdown on the file
  • Improved code comments
  • Finally we can debug getopt() parser.php
  • Improved code coverage from 64% to 95%
  • Removed composer.lock from repo
  • Decreased code complexity in Parse.php
  • Added tests for Arguments\Argument
  • Improved code quality by loads
  • Added an extra space between the script name and the usage in Arguments\Manager::usage();
  • Added an extra newline after the last line in Arguments\Manager::usage()
  • Updated examples comments
  • Fixed a load of overall grammar errors
  • Did speed up the code like 40%
  • Fixed all open issues for milestone 1.2
  • Fixed coding style in the Filter class
  • Fixed coding style in the Object Hydrate class
  • Fixed coding style in the Cli class
  • Fixed spelling in
  • Updated the Unit testing section in
  • Improved on the basic wording of the file

1.1.1 2015-19-12

  • Updated the to also contain the missing 1.0 changelog entry. fixed #3
  • Added a new line to Redbox\Cli\Arguments::usage() so it would look better. fixed #2
  • Added Redbox\Cli\Manager::hasDefaultValue() so you know if the default value was set #fixed #5
  • Removed the comment about default arguments and if its a good thing in Redbox\Cli\Arguments\Parser::parse()
  • Changed the comments in examples/defaultvalue.php and examples/default.php to mimic the testcase better.
  • Added examples/hasdefaultvalue.php to show the Redbox\Cli\Manager::hasDefaultValue() fature.
  • Redbox\Cli\Arguments::get() now returns false if the argument is unknown.
  • Removed TestBase.php as it was an unused class.
  • Added more tests, also for the Manager class.
  • Cleaned up the code and added more comments.
  • Commented on all functions specially in Manager.php.
  • Fixed all the open issues for the 1.1.1 milestone.

1.1 - 2015-13-12

This is it the first non zero release of redbox-cli is here.

1.0 - 2015-12-12

This is version 1.0. I'm committing all over the place because i didn't add any tests yet. This is soon to change. As with any software its better to wait for the 1.1 release.