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File: clover.xml

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File: clover.xml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP BCMath Extension
Add missing functions missing in BCMath
Author: By
Last change: Update code coverage badge
Date: 10 months ago
Size: 21,008 bytes


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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <coverage generated="1674682269"> <project timestamp="1674682269"> <file name="/home/runner/work/bcmath-extended/bcmath-extended/src/BCMathExtended/BC.php"> <class name="BCMathExtended\BC" namespace="global"> <metrics complexity="119" methods="45" coveredmethods="45" conditionals="0" coveredconditionals="0" statements="324" coveredstatements="324" elements="369" coveredelements="369"/> </class> <line num="30" type="method" name="rand" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="2"/> <line num="32" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="33" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="35" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="36" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="38" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="41" type="method" name="convertScientificNotationToString" visibility="public" complexity="4" crap="4" count="397"/> <line num="44" type="stmt" count="397"/> <line num="46" type="stmt" count="76"/> <line num="47" type="stmt" count="76"/> <line num="48" type="stmt" count="76"/> <line num="49" type="stmt" count="31"/> <line num="51" type="stmt" count="45"/> <line num="53" type="stmt" count="76"/> <line num="56" type="stmt" count="397"/> <line num="59" type="method" name="getDecimalsLength" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="116"/> <line num="61" type="stmt" count="116"/> <line num="62" type="stmt" count="105"/> <line num="65" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="68" type="method" name="isFloat" visibility="protected" complexity="1" crap="1" count="362"/> <line num="70" type="stmt" count="362"/> <line num="73" type="method" name="pow" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="170"/> <line num="75" type="stmt" count="170"/> <line num="76" type="stmt" count="170"/> <line num="78" type="stmt" count="170"/> <line num="79" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="80" type="stmt" count="162"/> <line num="81" type="stmt" count="78"/> <line num="83" type="stmt" count="87"/> <line num="86" type="stmt" count="170"/> <line num="89" type="method" name="powFractional" visibility="protected" complexity="1" crap="1" count="9"/> <line num="92" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="93" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="96" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="97" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="98" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="99" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="100" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="101" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="102" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="105" type="method" name="getScale" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="40"/> <line num="107" type="stmt" count="40"/> <line num="110" type="method" name="parseNumber" visibility="protected" complexity="3" crap="3" count="397"/> <line num="112" type="stmt" count="397"/> <line num="113" type="stmt" count="397"/> <line num="114" type="stmt" count="29"/> <line num="117" type="stmt" count="386"/> <line num="120" type="method" name="add" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="183"/> <line num="122" type="stmt" count="183"/> <line num="123" type="stmt" count="183"/> <line num="125" type="stmt" count="183"/> <line num="126" type="stmt" count="41"/> <line num="128" type="stmt" count="145"/> <line num="131" type="stmt" count="183"/> <line num="134" type="method" name="formatTrailingZeroes" visibility="protected" complexity="2" crap="2" count="309"/> <line num="136" type="stmt" count="309"/> <line num="137" type="stmt" count="309"/> <line num="140" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="143" type="method" name="trimTrailingZeroes" visibility="protected" complexity="3" crap="3" count="335"/> <line num="145" type="stmt" count="335"/> <line num="146" type="stmt" count="229"/> <line num="149" type="stmt" count="335"/> <line num="152" type="method" name="exp" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="17"/> <line num="154" type="stmt" count="17"/> <line num="155" type="stmt" count="17"/> <line num="156" type="stmt" count="17"/> <line num="157" type="stmt" count="17"/> <line num="160" type="stmt" count="17"/> <line num="163" type="method" name="mul" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="184"/> <line num="165" type="stmt" count="184"/> <line num="166" type="stmt" count="184"/> <line num="168" type="stmt" count="184"/> <line num="169" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="171" type="stmt" count="132"/> <line num="174" type="stmt" count="184"/> <line num="177" type="method" name="div" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="145"/> <line num="179" type="stmt" count="145"/> <line num="180" type="stmt" count="145"/> <line num="182" type="stmt" count="145"/> <line num="183" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="186" type="stmt" count="144"/> <line num="187" type="stmt" count="42"/> <line num="189" type="stmt" count="111"/> <line num="192" type="stmt" count="144"/> <line num="195" type="method" name="log" visibility="public" complexity="4" crap="4" count="14"/> <line num="197" type="stmt" count="14"/> <line num="198" type="stmt" count="14"/> <line num="199" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="201" type="stmt" count="13"/> <line num="202" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="204" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="205" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="206" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="207" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="208" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="209" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="211" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="212" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="213" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="214" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="216" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="218" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="219" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="221" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="224" type="method" name="comp" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="66"/> <line num="226" type="stmt" count="66"/> <line num="227" type="stmt" count="66"/> <line num="229" type="stmt" count="66"/> <line num="230" type="stmt" count="54"/> <line num="233" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="234" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="235" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="236" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="237" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="240" type="method" name="sub" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="83"/> <line num="242" type="stmt" count="83"/> <line num="243" type="stmt" count="83"/> <line num="245" type="stmt" count="83"/> <line num="246" type="stmt" count="44"/> <line num="248" type="stmt" count="42"/> <line num="251" type="stmt" count="83"/> <line num="254" type="method" name="sqrt" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="6"/> <line num="256" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="258" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="259" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="261" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="264" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="267" type="method" name="setTrimTrailingZeroes" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="1"/> <line num="269" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="275" type="method" name="max" visibility="public" complexity="4" crap="4" count="1"/> <line num="277" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="278" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="279" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="280" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="281" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="282" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="283" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="287" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="290" type="method" name="parseValues" visibility="protected" complexity="2" crap="2" count="2"/> <line num="292" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="293" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="296" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="302" type="method" name="min" visibility="public" complexity="4" crap="4" count="1"/> <line num="304" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="305" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="306" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="307" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="308" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="309" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="310" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="314" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="317" type="method" name="powMod" visibility="public" complexity="7" crap="7" count="14"/> <line num="323" type="stmt" count="14"/> <line num="324" type="stmt" count="14"/> <line num="326" type="stmt" count="14"/> <line num="327" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="330" type="stmt" count="13"/> <line num="331" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="336" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="337" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="338" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="340" type="stmt" count="5"/> <line num="341" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="342" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="344" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="347" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="350" type="method" name="isNegative" visibility="protected" complexity="1" crap="1" count="182"/> <line num="352" type="stmt" count="182"/> <line num="355" type="method" name="mod" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="55"/> <line num="359" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="360" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="361" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="362" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="363" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="364" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="365" type="stmt" count="55"/> <line num="368" type="method" name="floor" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="102"/> <line num="370" type="stmt" count="102"/> <line num="371" type="stmt" count="102"/> <line num="372" type="stmt" count="46"/> <line num="373" type="stmt" count="46"/> <line num="374" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="376" type="stmt" count="46"/> <line num="379" type="stmt" count="102"/> <line num="382" type="method" name="fact" visibility="public" complexity="4" crap="4" count="8"/> <line num="384" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="386" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="387" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="389" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="390" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="393" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="394" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="395" type="stmt" count="5"/> <line num="398" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="401" type="method" name="hexdec" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="7"/> <line num="403" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="404" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="406" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="407" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="410" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="413" type="method" name="dechex" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="6"/> <line num="415" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="416" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="418" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="419" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="422" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="425" type="method" name="bitAnd" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="12"/> <line num="429" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="432" type="method" name="bitOperatorHelper" visibility="protected" complexity="12" crap="12" count="36"/> <line num="434" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="435" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="437" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="438" type="stmt" count="3"/> <line num="440" type="stmt" count="33"/> <line num="441" type="stmt" count="3"/> <line num="444" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="445" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="447" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="448" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="450" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="452" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="453" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="455" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="456" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="458" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="459" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="462" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="463" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="464" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="465" type="stmt" count="10"/> <line num="466" type="stmt" count="10"/> <line num="467" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="468" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="469" type="stmt" count="12"/> <line num="470" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="471" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="472" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="475" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="476" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="479" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="481" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="484" type="method" name="dec2bin" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="36"/> <line num="486" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="487" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="488" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="489" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="490" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="491" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="494" type="stmt" count="33"/> <line num="495" type="stmt" count="33"/> <line num="496" type="stmt" count="33"/> <line num="497" type="stmt" count="33"/> <line num="500" type="stmt" count="33"/> <line num="501" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="502" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="505" type="method" name="decBaseHelper" visibility="protected" complexity="3" crap="3" count="37"/> <line num="507" type="stmt" count="37"/> <line num="508" type="stmt" count="2"/> <line num="510" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="511" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="513" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="515" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="517" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="520" type="method" name="setScale" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="402"/> <line num="522" type="stmt" count="402"/> <line num="525" type="method" name="abs" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="45"/> <line num="527" type="stmt" count="45"/> <line num="529" type="stmt" count="45"/> <line num="530" type="stmt" count="19"/> <line num="533" type="stmt" count="45"/> <line num="536" type="method" name="alignBinLength" visibility="protected" complexity="1" crap="1" count="30"/> <line num="538" type="stmt" count="30"/> <line num="541" type="method" name="recalculateNegative" visibility="protected" complexity="3" crap="3" count="11"/> <line num="543" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="544" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="545" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="546" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="547" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="548" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="549" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="553" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="556" type="method" name="bin2dec" visibility="public" complexity="2" crap="2" count="36"/> <line num="558" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="559" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="560" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="561" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="562" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="563" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="564" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="565" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="566" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="569" type="stmt" count="35"/> <line num="570" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="571" type="stmt" count="36"/> <line num="574" type="method" name="bitOr" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="14"/> <line num="576" type="stmt" count="14"/> <line num="579" type="method" name="bitXor" visibility="public" complexity="1" crap="1" count="10"/> <line num="581" type="stmt" count="10"/> <line num="584" type="method" name="roundHalfEven" visibility="public" complexity="6" crap="6" count="26"/> <line num="586" type="stmt" count="26"/> <line num="587" type="stmt" count="26"/> <line num="588" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="591" type="stmt" count="25"/> <line num="592" type="stmt" count="25"/> <line num="593" type="stmt" count="1"/> <line num="596" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="597" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="600" type="stmt" count="15"/> <line num="601" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="602" type="stmt" count="11"/> <line num="603" type="stmt" count="15"/> <line num="605" type="stmt" count="15"/> <line num="606" type="stmt" count="7"/> <line num="609" type="stmt" count="8"/> <line num="612" type="method" name="round" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="58"/> <line num="614" type="stmt" count="58"/> <line num="615" type="stmt" count="58"/> <line num="616" type="stmt" count="47"/> <line num="617" type="stmt" count="9"/> <line num="619" type="stmt" count="38"/> <line num="623" type="stmt" count="58"/> <line num="626" type="method" name="roundUp" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="24"/> <line num="628" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="629" type="stmt" count="24"/> <line num="630" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="632" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="634" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="635" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="636" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="637" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="638" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="639" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="640" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="641" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="642" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="643" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="644" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="645" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="646" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="647" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="648" type="stmt" count="20"/> <line num="651" type="method" name="ceil" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="44"/> <line num="653" type="stmt" count="44"/> <line num="654" type="stmt" count="44"/> <line num="655" type="stmt" count="29"/> <line num="656" type="stmt" count="29"/> <line num="657" type="stmt" count="6"/> <line num="659" type="stmt" count="29"/> <line num="662" type="stmt" count="44"/> <line num="665" type="method" name="roundDown" visibility="public" complexity="3" crap="3" count="26"/> <line num="667" type="stmt" count="26"/> <line num="668" type="stmt" count="26"/> <line num="669" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="671" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="673" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="674" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="675" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="676" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="677" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="678" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="679" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="680" type="stmt" count="4"/> <line num="681" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="682" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="683" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="684" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="685" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="686" type="stmt" count="22"/> <line num="687" type="stmt" count="22"/> <metrics loc="690" ncloc="677" classes="1" methods="45" coveredmethods="45" conditionals="0" coveredconditionals="0" statements="324" coveredstatements="324" elements="369" coveredelements="369"/> </file> <metrics files="1" loc="690" ncloc="677" classes="1" methods="45" coveredmethods="45" conditionals="0" coveredconditionals="0" statements="324" coveredstatements="324" elements="369" coveredelements="369"/> </project> </coverage>