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File: config/.env.default

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File: config/.env.default
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Doctrine Person Table Skeleton
Provides a skeleton of tables for person entities
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# Development mode switch. devMode=true # PDO (Doctrine) database platform config to use. # Currently tested are: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. # One of 'mysql', 'pgsql', or 'sqlite' platform='mysql' # The per platform prefixed PDO settings # MySQL mysql_driver="pdo_${platform}" mysql_charset='utf8mb4' mysql_collate='utf8mb4_general_ci' mysql_dbname='person_db_skeleton' mysql_host='localhost' mysql_password='secret' # (optional) Needed if not connecting to localhost which defaults to a socket # connection. #mysql_port=3307 mysql_user='PDBSUser' # Postgres pgsql_driver="pdo_${platform}" pgsql_dbname='person_db_skeleton' pgsql_host='localhost' pgsql_password='secret' # (optional) Same as default. #pgsql_port=5432 pgsql_user='PDBSUser' # SQLite sqlite_driver="pdo_${platform}" sqlite_memory=true # NOTE: if path is set the memory setting is ignore by the driver. sqlite_path='person_db_skeleton.sq3' # Migration related settings. # These should not need to be changed except possible name. migrations_Name='Person DB Skeleton Migrations' migrations_MigrationsNamespace='PersonDBSkeleton\Model\Migrations' migrations_MigrationsDirectory='/src/Model/Migrations' # The following settings are just their default values. migrations_MigrationsTableName='doctrine_migration_versions' migrations_MigrationsColumnName='version' migrations_MigrationsColumnLength=14 migrations_MigrationsExecutedAtColumnName='executed_at' migrations_AllOrNothing=true migrations_CheckDatabasePlatform=true # Doctrine ORM related settings. orm_ProxyDir='/src/Model/Proxies' orm_ProxyNamespace='PersonDBSkeleton\Model\Proxies'